" Our value-driven ministerial approach sets us apart as an established, leading provider of academic, religious, business training and outsourcing, globally. "


Our Organization Resource Is Your Academic Outsource!

In today's corporate world, it's rare to find two corporations/companies who act and function in the same way, even if they offer the same services. Every corporation/company must re-evaluate itself frequently and not fear change. The most prestigious corporations/companies are those that adjust to the market and to their clients’ needs quickly and seamlessly. At the same time, they must establish themselves as an eminent corporate/company committed to service and quality.

GPET understands today's corporate environment and has defined its academic services and business solutions accordingly. Leveraging the diverse experience of its consultant team, its outsource delivery and its training tools, GPET has the ability to develop a corporate solution aligned with any educational institutions, multinational business, religious and government organizations unique needs.

GPET begins the process by evaluating and defining a custom academic and business solution by keeping the end in mind - in other words, what processes should be implemented. Reviewing an organization’s current academic or business back office processes and working with an organization’s team to identify inefficiencies helps to simplify and then optimize the academic or business processes. The result is an academic and business solution that is client defined and client driven.

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Our Global Academic Ministry Encompasses

Our value-driven ministerial approach sets us apart as an established, leading provider of academic, religious, business training and outsourcing, globally.

Academic, Business & Spiritual Development

Our Corporate Approach Encompasses the Entire Academic, Business and Spiritual Development Cycle:

We employ our proven EVALUATE, EDUCATE, ASSESS model to deliver and manage a complete end-to-end academic, religious and business solution.

Domestic & International Development

We focus on achieving better business, better academic better spiritual results, such as reducing academic, religious and business misconceptions and myths, establish academic, religious and business training programs that increase positive business profitability and improves overall customer service, domestically and internationally.

We Team with our Clients Throughout

Through teaming, we share the responsibility of the client outcomes for your development. We can also share best practices from the outset and continue to share them with you as your training needs evolve over time. Finally, by teaming, resources and knowledge are more effectively leveraged, which helps to accelerate the time to initial deployment as well as ensuring ongoing learning effectiveness.

Our Mission

Is to educate the people in religious/academic practices and provide knowledge around the world.


To improve the quality of academics and increase educational opportunities for people throughout international communities -- both in and out of school -- through expanded access to information and training.

Education & Awareness

Education and Awareness - to prepare and train international youth to lead a healthy lifestyle by providing them with the knowledge and personal skills needed to make appropriate academic and career choices.

Leadership Development

Leadership development - to inspire and promote spirituality through academic scholastic excellence and enhance international career opportunities for youth and families throughout international communities.


Employability - help develop and train international interns, academic professionals and administrators in various employment sectors within their own country for global career opportunities in the United States of America and abroad.

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GPET Study Abroad

Our Vision

GPET is dedicated to assisting International Students with their academic and scholastic study-abroad plans for American Colleges. We have access to over 600 American Colleges that offer academic and scholastic opportunities throughout the USA. Most of the college campuses are located in the most beautiful areas of America. We have an intimate and professional knowledge of the necessary requirements needed to enroll into most American Colleges. If you live and study in a country where English is not the native language, or is spoken only by some, you can broaden your horizons by traveling to the USA and learn the practical importance of the English language. In addition, you will probably also gain a broader understanding of international, political, economic issues and develop an appreciation for your native country.

GPET’s Study Abroad Program and Services Helps Students Develop

  • Personal Growth
  • Career Enhancement
  • New Perspective on World Affairs

GPET is currently providing Study Abroad Program Services for students and clients living in Eastern Pacific Countries. If you’re interested in enrolling in GPET’s Study Abroad Program/Services please register now or contact us at one of our GPET headquarters. If you’re a current member please click on GPET study abroad services and enter your password

GPET Mail Hosting Service is an independently owned and operated mail hosting, printing and business services center located in Taipei City, Taiwan. We are professionally trained experts and members of the international community who are dedicated to providing Five-Star Customer care in a convenient, efficient and friendly environment for short and long-term Travelers.

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