" Our value-driven ministerial approach sets us apart as an established, leading provider of academic, religious, business training and outsourcing, globally. "


GPE-T International, LLC was founded in 2000. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, GPET is privately held by members of the management team and other prominent investors who are located in the United States of America and Taipei Taiwan.

GPET provides academic and scholastic program design, delivery and global management of comprehensive learning programs for educational institutions and multi-national business and government organizations throughout international communities.


Is to educate the people in religious practices and provide knowledge around the world.

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Academic, Scholastic and Spiritual Development Takes a Team Effort

Our global ministerial experiences have taught us that, when it comes to academic and scholastic development, no one can do it alone. That's why we work with you, as a Team, throughout each step of the academic, scholastic spiritual process—from evaluating your needs, to educating and developing customized academic and scholastic programs, to assessing and implementing academic and scholastic programs.

Our Team approach sets us apart from everyone else—and is one of the main reasons we've been successful in helping many individuals and students, achieve dramatic personal development results. Our approach gives you the flexibility to leverage both our resources and yours, depending upon your academic, scholastic or spiritual needs. Which will ultimately accelerate the progress toward academic, scholastic, spiritual program development and implementation.

We don't view our role as that of an "outsider" where we simply deliver a final work product and leave. By Teaming with you, we are sharing the responsibility of the academic, scholastic and spiritual outcomes of the program solutions we design and deploy with you. In addition, our Teaming approach puts us in a great position to share any insights into best practices as we work together.